Alexandria of Africa by Eric Walters

Booktalk by Chris MacLennan

Alexandria is 15. She is very rich and very spoiled. The first time she was in trouble with the law she took a golf club to a girl’s car for messing with her boyfriend. The second time was for shoplifting articles of clothing at a very expensive boutique. She was absolutely sure that her rich daddy would get her out of trouble the second time, just like he did with the golf club incident. It was amazing how an expensive lawyer could spin things. The second lawyer was not so sure he could talk Alexandria out of trouble this time. He tells her that the judge will not be impressed that she has re-offended so soon after her first offence. They are all in the courtroom. Alexandria should have paid more attention to what her lawyer was telling her.

Judge – read page 20 “If we consider ……” To page 21 “121 days”

After fighting and scratching the baliff who tired to take her to the holding cells Alexandria was in even bigger trouble. Now she has also been charged with assaulting a peace officer and she could spend 1 year in a juvenile detention centre. However her lawyer has come up with a new plan. She can forgo her jail time if she goes to work for a charity in Africa called Free the Children. She will be 7,000 miles away from home with no cell phone, no hot water, no friends, and no family. Alexandria arrives in Africa with her 4 suitcases of designer luggage filled with designer clothes and shoes. She also arrives with an attitude. Can a rich spoiled brat change? You will be surprised what happens to Alexandria.

Eric Walter based this book on a trip he took to Africa with his son. Two of the characters in this book are based on real life characters he met while there.