Learn more about artists and their artwork and how to create your own amazing artwork.

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Print Resources, Books and Magazines

Look on L4U , our school's online catalogue or Regina Public Library's online catalogue.
Type in these subjects, keywords and phrases into the search bar.

Subject Headings:

art, artists, drawing, painting, clay, sculpture, Impressionism

Artists Names:

Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gough, Emily Carr, George Littlechild, Alan Sapp

Dewey Decimal Numbers to browse:

740 - 760



Type keywords and phrases into the search bar of these online resources.



Create a Sculpture - an interactive site (that requires Macromedia Flash) where students can create an online sculpture.
National Gallery of Canada - Artissimo
National Gallery of Art Kids Zone - Washington, D.C. - Needs shockwave plug-in for many activities
A Lifetime of Color - art products and resources and activities
Invention at Play - Lemelson center for the study of invention and innovation
The Artist's Toolkit: Visual Elements and Principles - This site is about art
elements and principles. Kids love the music and the art. There's a place to create as well.
The @rt Room - a place for kids who love art created by Craig Roland at the University of Florida
GettyGames - art games from the Getty Museum
Virtual Museum of Canada - This site is so chockful of Canadian art, art history and other neat stuff! Virtual exhibitions are delightful!