How have Canadians contributed to the world's body of scientific knowledge? What discoveries have Canadians made? What work have Canadians done in various scientific fields? Explore the links below to learn more about Canadian science.


Print Resources

Look on L4U, our school's online catalogue or Regina Public Library's online catalogue with these keywords and phrases:
Subject Headings: Canadians - Biographies, Inventions, Specific names putting their last name first ie. Suzuki, David
Keywords: Inventions, Inventors
Dewey Decimal Numbers:



Encyclopedia Britannica - You must be at school to have access to this or use the Regina Public Library with your library card number and PIN
The Canadian Encyclopedia
Wikipedia: search for "Canadian scientists", specific names

Search Engines

Sweet Search - A great search engine for kids where every site has been approved. Great searching tips.


Database Resources

KidsInfobits - Scientists & Inventors
Discovering Collection - This database includes articles at different reading levels where readers can listen to it being read.


Canadian Science and Technology Museum Kids' Zone - fun games that will teach you about some famous Canadian inventors - profiles on leading Canadian scientists, includes an "Ask a Scientist" section
Canadian Content - famous Canadian inventors and scientists
Canadian Scientists and Inventors


Images, Sounds, Videos

Ocean Scientists - videos about Canadian ocean scientists
CBC - People - interviews with famous Canadians - search for specific names