Learn more about dinosaurs and paleotology by following the information and links in this pathfinder. Have fun!


Print Resources, Books and Magazines

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Subject Headings:

  • dinosaurs
  • paleontology
  • fossils ===Keywords & Phrases:===
  • dinosaur
  • prehistoric reptile
  • fossils
  • specific name of dinosaur, such as Diplodocus
  • paleontology
  • paleontologist
  • extinction
  • extinct animals ===Dewey Decimal Numbers:===
  • 560 - fossils
  • 567 - dinosaurs


Encyclopedias & Databases

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Encyclopedia Britannica - You must be at school to have access to this or use the Regina Public Library with your library card number and PIN



Zoom Dinosaurs - includes a wealth of information on dino fact sheets, print-out pages, paleotologists, fossils, the mesozoic era and more!
42explore Dinosaurs - links to hundreds of sites about dinosaurs compiled by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson at eduscapes
Dinosaurs and Fossils - a list of sites from Cumberland County about dinosaurs and fossils including lessons, webquests, fun links and more.
Dinosaur Webquest - designed for Gr. 2 by Ruth Elliott and Christine Todd, Saskatoon Public Schools
Dinosaurs - links compiled by North Attleborough Public Schools includes dino facts, dinosaur tracks, eggs and fossils, info. about eras and extinction
Dinosauria - information and links from the University of California Museum of Paleontology
KidsDino - the dinosaur page of the Kids Know It Network. Contains information, flash cards, and games.