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Subject Headings:

alternative energy, electricity, energy, energy conservation, energy development, fossil fuels, geothermal engineering, geothermal resources, natural gas, nuclear energy, petroleum, power resources, renewable energy, solar energy, water power, wind power

Keywords & Phrases:

Series Keywords: alternative energy, energy today

Dewey Decimal Numbers:

333, 537, 621, 662



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Encyclopedia Britannica - You must be at school to have access to this or use the Regina Public Library with your library card number and PIN

Database Resources



General Information

Alliant Energy Kids - an American power companies site for energy education
Energy Kids Page - a guide to renewable and non-renewable energy sources
Energy Webquest - a fascinating webquest developed by Joyce Muckinhoupt
Kids Saving Energy - contains some information on saving energy, renewable energy sources, and activities around energy use
Sioux Valley Energy Kids' Korner - easy to understand information, complete with animated diagrams, explaining different forms of energy

Nuclear Energy
TIme for Change - several articles looking at the pros and cons of nuclear energy

Solar Energy

Solar Energy International for Younger Students - the basics of solar energy information
Solar Energy International for Older Students - more detailed information on solar energy
Build Your Own Solar Oven - and other projects such as build your own wind turbine, solar smores, and more.
Sunsite Funsite - animated diagrams guide you through the process of harnessing solar power

Wind Energy

Wind Turbine Tour - take a virtual tour of a wind turbine
Wind with Miller - an interactive site to learn about wind power

Français L'école de l'énergie
La Case aux enfants - Les énergies


Image & Sound Resources


Picture of a solar powered home
Picture of a solar power plant


Bruce Power - an animated video tour of the Bruce A Restart nuclear project based in Ontario.


Community Resources


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