There are many resources where we can find information about famous people. Why are they famous? How have they changed the world?


Print Resources, Books and Magazines

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Database Resources

Kids Infobits - Famous People - biographical information on all types of famous people



Famous Canadians

Canada Sports Hall of Fame - written biographies of famous Canadian atheletes, available in English and French. Some articles also have video clips
Canadian Music Hall of Fame - written biographies on notable Canadian musicians
Canadian Science and Technology Museum Kids' Zone - fun games that will teach you about some famous Canadian inventors
CBC's The Greatest Canadian - find out the results from CBC's televised survey to determine the greatest Canadian
Kids' Stop - Aboriginal People - Indian and Northern Affairs Canada has put together some profiles of famous Aboriginal people
On This Day - find out what famous Canadians were doing on this day in history
Rick Hansen's Story - the official website of Canada's Man in Motion
Saskatchewan's Own - Virtual Saskatchewan has put together these lists of famous people from our province
Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame - learn about famous athletes from Saskatchewan

Other Famous People

Biographies for Kids - biographies of historical famous people, mostly from the United States. Definitions are given for unfamiliar words
Famous Actor Biographies - brief histories on some famous actors and actresses
Famous Why? - short biographies of famous actors, artists, models, business people, sports figures, and more
Sweet Search Biographies - an index of biographical articles organized by categories


Image & Sound Resources

Bio4Kids - an American site that contains written biographies and fun video facts of famous people
famous canadians - a 3 min video presentation showing a listing of famous Canadians
People - CBC - television footage and radio broadcasts of interviews and documentaries from the CBC archives involving famous Canadians


Community Resources


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