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Encyclopedia Britannica - You must be at school to have access to this or use the Regina Public Library with your library card number and PIN



Rock Hounds

The Mystery of the Floating Rock- Help solve the mystery by learning about different types of rocks. Try to figure out how the floating rock was formed. Click on the picture at the bottom to see if that is the correct answer.

Rock Cycle Animation - Animations illustrate the path of a rock moving through the rock cycle.

Moh's Hardness Scale - learn more from The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.


Copyright "Friendly" and "Free" Resources

Copyright "Friendly" Image Resources for Student Use
These are resources compiled by Marnie McMillan, Technology Integration Support Teacher, Regina Public Schools.
Pics4Learning - Copyright friendly pictures for education. The photographers retain copyright but give permission for use in school projects including multimedia, web pages, contests and fundraising. Citing the source is still necessary.
Classroom Clipart - These images and clipart remain the copyrighted property of Classroom Clipart. They may be used for classroom project including video, web pages, multimedia. The image must include this link "Image Provided by Classroom Clipart" or Clipart provided by Classroom Clipart.
Digital Images and Copyright Information - Here is more information about using images and how to watch for copyright restrictions.
Copyright "Friendly" and CopyLeft Images and Sound - A list of sites compiled by Joyce Valenza, Teacher-librarian, Springfield Township High School. Please be aware that copyright laws are different in the United States and Canada.



ALA Great Websites for Kids - Websites for kids compiled by the American Library Association.
CyberSleuth Kids
DiBDaBDoo - This subject directory searches approximately 2 million kid/teen safe sites daily. Maintained by a father of four children concerned about internet safety.
Internet Public Library - KidSpace - This is an information portal created and maintained by the School of Information at the University of Michigan.
KidsClick - Search by subject in this directory of over 6400 sites chosen and organized by librarians.
KidsKonnect - A site created and maintained by educators. Search by subject or by alphabet.
Thinkquest - Over 6000 sites organized by students from around the world.


Search Engines For Kids

You can make searching for information, including pictures, safer by going into the "Preferences" or "Settings" of the search engine and changing to "Strict Filtering" or "Family Filtering" to make sure that results are appropriate for students. Google's default setting is for "moderate" filtering.
AskforKids - A search engine that allows you to ask questions.
Awesome Library - Over 14,000 sites have been classified into a directory, specifically organized for teachers, students and parents. Information can be found by browsing or searching.
Fact Monster - Reference provider Information Please produces this site which provides facts and information oriented around the needs of children.
YahooKids - Yahoo for kids, designed for ages 7 to 12. Sites are hand-picked to be appropriate for children. Also, unlike normal Yahoo, searches will not bring back matched found by crawling the web, if there is no match from within the Yahooligan listings. This prevents possibly objectionable sites from slipping onto the screen. Additionally, adult-oriented banner advertising will not appear within the service. Yahooligans is the oldest major directory for children, launched in March 1996.


Metasearch Engines For Kids

ithaki for kids - Searches several search engines for kids like DmozKids, FactMonster, YahooKids, KidsClick and AwesomeLibrary.