Learn more about the fur trade and exploration in Canada from the links to resources on this pathfinder.

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Print Resources, Books and Magazines

Look on L4U, our school's online catalogue or Regina Public Library's online catalogue with these keywords and phrases:

Subject Headings:

Explorers biography
Frontier and Pioneer Life
Canada Fur Trade
Fur Trade Canada History
Fur Trade North America
Hudson's Bay Company History

Keywords & Phrases:

Go by the last name of the explorer when searching print resources.

Dewey Decimal Numbers:



Encyclopedias & Databases

When searching in a print encyclopedia, go by the last name of the explorer. When searching in online encyclopedias, put the first and last name in quotation marks.

Canadian Encyclopedia - Articles about explorers and the furtrade. Search by typing keywords and names of explorers into the search bar.
Encyclopedia Britannica - You must be at school to have access to this or use the Regina Public Library with your library card number and PIN
Canadian Junior Encyclopedia - Our library has print copies of this encyclopedia. It is older but for historical information is is a good resource.



When searching for your explorer in a search engine, try putting the first and last names in quotation marks as a phrase eg. "Henry Hudson". Adding other terms will help to narrow your search eg. biography, exploration, explore.
All About Explorers - Everything you ever wanted to know about explorers
Canada Hall: Fur Trade - Articles and pictures rom the Canadian Museum of Civilization.
Enchanted Learning - Explorers - A great site that gives basic information about many explorers - a good place to start.
Pathfinders & Pathways: The Exploration of Canada - Articles from the Library and Archives of Canada. Click on the Explorers Index and choose the explorer you would like to learn about.
Explorers Pathfinder - from 42explore - links to sites, webquests and lessons about exploration created by library professionals
Canadian Heritage Gallery - Historical pictures from the fur trade era.
Discoverers Web - An alphabetical list of discoverers and explorers of North America
Age of Discovery - from Ohio State Education Dept
European Explorer Resources - a hotlist of explorers by a teacher from Gander Academy
Exploration and Settlement - background information about Exploration at the Memorial University of Newfoundland
Passages: A Treasure Trove of North American Explorers- an alphabetical list or chronological (by date) hotlist of links about explorers in Canada compiled by the National Library of Canada.