The many different nationalities and cultures that are represented in Canada, both immigrant and First Nations, have had a significant influence on the development of our country.
  • How have the Americas been shaped by interactions between the various people who live here?
  • How has life in the Americas changed the lives of immigrant people?
  • Why did people immigrate to the Americas?
  • How did people come to the Americas?
  • What issues or hardships did immigrants face coming to the Americas?
  • What issues have the receiving countries needed to face?
  • Where did people emigrate? How did they make this decision?
  • How have Irish (or another group) immigrants influenced Regina, another region in Canada, or in the U.S. or in South America?
  • What hardships did immigrants face 100 years ago?
  • How was their life improved by coming to the Americas?
  • What foods, cultural customs and traditions have been introduced by immigrant peoples?


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Subject Headings:

Immigration AND Aliens
Immigration AND History
Immigration AND Ireland (or other location)
Immigration AND Immigration policy
Immigration AND Halifax Nova Scotia Canada (location)
Immigration AND Minority & ethnic groups
Immigration AND Irish Canadians (or other ethnic group)

Keywords & Phrases:

Immigrant AND Irish AND Canada (or other ethnic group)
Immigration AND Irish Canadians (or other ethnic group)

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Encyclopedias & Databases

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Encyclopedia Britannica - You must be at school to have access to this or use the Regina Public Library with your library card number and PIN


Websites for Students

Immigration to Canada

  1. Multicultural Canada Contains information on several cultural groups within Canada
  2. Countries and Their Cultures - Contains cultural information about countries around the world listed by country. Although copyrighted 2013, some information is older.
  3. Ethnic and Regional Recipes in the Yahoo! Directory Recipes from around the world in Yahoo directory
  4. |Research Starters: Immigration Outlines background information and possible research topics.
  5. Pier 21 - Canadian Immigration Process - Home Interactive game
  6. - Advertising for immigrants to western Canada - Introduction Includes photos of items brought by immigrants and now in the museum.
  7. Introduction - The Documentary Trail - Moving Here, Staying Here. The Canadian Immigrant Experience - Library and Archives Canada Created by collections Canada - focuses on primary documents telling about the immigrant experience
  8. Parks Canada - Laurier House National Historic Site of Canada - Immigration from 1896 (Laurier) to 1947 (King) Some links to visuals about immigration 1896. Contains information on several cultural groups within Canada
  9. A Scattering of Seeds - Season I Contains notes on the video series by White pine called A Scattering of Seeds which gives a biographical glimpse into the lives of many immigrant people.
  10. safe haven home The experiences of five refugee families
  11. Going to Canada - A site created by the Government of Canada to provide information to individuals who would like to immigrate to Canada today.
  12. Moving Here, Staying Here: The Canadian Immigrant Experience - From the Library and Archives Canada -
  13. Crossroads of Culture - objects, letters, papers and activities from the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Immigration to Canada Today

  1. 2001 Census Results Teacher's Kit Includes data and activities to use with elementary, intermediate and secondary students including immigration, language...
  2. Junior Edition Document Article about Solidarity Across Borders - an organization that works to highlight the plight of refugees and migrant workers strugglling to stay in Canada
  3. Junior Edition Document Through the back door - article about the need to change Canada's immigration laws to allow workers to stay

Immigration to America

  1. Welcome to Immigration Interactive tour of Ellis Island with audio and video clips of reminiscences
  2. Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today Home Site produced by Scholastic has American content including video and audio remenicences
  3. Immigration Pathfinder from 42explore - Created by library professionals at eduscapes this contains many links to sites and webquests about immigration. Most have American content but there are some Canadian as well. Includes learning activities and a word bank


  1. Educational Speaker Bullying Programs Scary Guy Eliminating Hate Violence Prejudice Bullying Discrimination Bigotry Intolerance Injustice Tolerance Unfairness Worldwide! video clip against racism and prejudice

Websites for Teachers

  1. Lesson Plans - Fast Food Around the World Cultures and quisines - idea for creating fast food restaurant around the quisine of a particular culture.
  2. Cause and Effect - Immigration; CampSilos: The Grout Museum Excursion American focus but excellent resource to explain reasons for immigration to America activities include interviewing an immigrant, cause and effect identification
  3. Daily Lesson Plan Stirring the melting pot lesson from the New York times focussing on Japanese Americans
  4. Immigration - British Columbia unit Unit includes bibliography of books and internet sites with a British Columbia focus