What are the magazines that you will definitely purchase?

Marvel Adventures: Spiderman is read by many of the boys. (Rhonda 2010)
Adrenaline - produced here in Regina about the Regina sports scene (Rhonda 2010)
Odyssey - have had a subscription for 2 years and it is starting to move (Rhonda 2010)
National Geographic for Kids (Rhonda 2010)
Zoobooks - each issue focuses on a different animal (Rhonda 2010)
Girlworks - I just started receiving it this year. I'm looking for an alternative for girls to Girl's Life and Discovery Girls - not a fan of the articles about how to get your guy and the latest swimsuit fashions, etc.(Rhonda 2010)
Know - science related - this one is starting to move (Rhonda 2010)
Yes - science related - a little higher level than Know (Rhonda 2010)
Wild - animal related (Rhonda 2010)
Slam - basketball, popular with boys (Rhonda 2010)
Sports Illus. for kids - boys ask for the next issue before it has arrived (Rhonda 2010)
Hockey News - mostly boys (Rhonda 2010)
Chickadee (Rhonda 2010)

What magazines are you considering and would like more information about?

What If? Canada's Creative Teen Magazine www.whatifmagazine.com It looks like student work and kids can submit to be published in different areas in both of these. (Deanna 2010)
The Magazine: entertainment, Life and Stuff (Charmaine said she really likes it.) The cost is $ 32.90 for 1 issue and $42.90 for 2 and so on. So, fairly reasonable especially if you have a larger school. (Deanna 2010)

Teen Ink - written for and by teens (Deanna) I would also like to see this one. (Chris M.)
Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man written for the younger crowd (Deanna) This one fits into graphic novels catelgory and I also would like to see it. (Chris M.)

SLAM (basketball magazine; very popular with boys at my community school) (Brenda)

KNOW: Science Magazine for Adventurous Minds (Violet)
YES Mag: Science Magazine for Adventurous Minds (Violet)

Dogs for Kids is popular in our school (Kim)

Owl is still a favourite at Davin (Shelly)
Girls Life a favourite at Imperial (Shelly)
SkateBoarder. Does anyone else have this? I get it but I have noticed that some of the ads are not appropriate. (Donna)
New Moon - This magazine is for Girls and has good reviews. Anyone else have this one? (Chris M) (2010 - Chris indicated that the cover was not appealing to her girls and though the stories were good, they didn't choose to sign it out.)