The Summer Olympic Games will be here soon! The more you know about them, the more fun it will be to watch. Who knows? Maybe you will be inspired to try a new sport or become an Olympian yourself!


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- Olympics
- specific names of summer sports including:
  • Track and Field - running, jumping, shotput, discuss, javelin, etc.
  • Swimming, diving, water polo, synchro, rowing, sailing, canoe/kayak
  • Archer, shooting, fencing
  • Weight lifting, wrestling, boxing
  • judo and tae kwon do
  • gymnastics
  • cycling
  • Equestrian
  • Ball sports - baseball, softball, handball, raquet sports, basketball, volleyball
- names of Olympic athletes (last name first)

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Database Resources



Canadian Olympic Committee
Canadian Olympians - Library and Archives Canada provides biographies of Canadian athletes
Canadian Athlete Profiles
Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Olympic History Timeline - information from FactMonster
Beijing Competition Venues - mouse over the dots on the map to see and be able to choose a specific sport venue
Official Mascots
WorldWise Quiz: Beijing - Take the quiz! See how you do!
The Torch(an interactive site)
The Torch Relay Calender (follow the torch each day)
The Torch Route Map (interactive map)
Beijing info page (learn all about the city of Beijing)
Beijing's time (time across the world)


Image & Sound Resources

Olympic Value videos - the video features athletes talking about one of the values (excellence, fairness, respect and leadership)
Videos from Beijing with CBC's Ron McLean
Photo Gallery of Olympic Venues in Bejing
Videos from The Toronto Star- about many news stories relating to the Olympics 2008 and 2010
2008 Olympic torch relay map
Sport Animations - CBC's site includes news headlines about athletes and animations about how to play each sport. Click on the small pictures of each sport.
Learn Chinese - the site includes sound and images resources to help you learn to pronounce Chinese words. You can also see the characters for writing in Chinese.
Quick Mandarin - Use this site to see Chinese characters for writing and hear how they are pronounced.
TimeForKids - China - hear and practice speaking common phrases in Chinese.

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