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All the Medalists since 1896
Canadian Olympic Timeline
Vancouver 2010 Olympics and Paralympics Canadian School Portal
Canadian Olympic School Program
Fact Monster -Winter Olympics Trivia
Olympic.Org -- Official website of the Olympic movement
Olympic VENUES
Olympic Torch Relay Interactive Map
Olympic Torch Interactive Animation
Olympic Torch route --CBC --Road to the Games link
Olympic Torch Relay: Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics
Olympic Values
Saskatchewan Pavilion at the Olympic Games
Vancouver 2010 Olympic Venues
Fun Greek
Canadian Athletes - CTV articles and photos

Olympic History Websites


Image & Sound Resources

Olympic Values Media Library - Videos from the School Program with athletes talking about the Olympic values
Paralympic Videos
Torch Relay Videos
Vancouver 2010 Videos
Paralympic Emblem Video
Science Behind the Olympics - Videos illustrating the science behind 16 Olympic events from NBCLearn
Speak Greek - listen and try to say some common Greek phrases. Have fun!
Torch pictures from previous Olympics
Torch 2010 - picture
Aerial Views of locations in Vancouver


News Media Links

CBC - Road to the Games News Links about the Olympics
CTV - Olympic Games articles
Leader Post - articles about the games and different sports

Community Resources

Regina Community --Hosting the Torch Event
Saskatchewan Pavilion at the Olympic Games


Olympic Reading


Teacher Resource Lists

Leader Post 2010 Olympic Winter Games study guide
Olympic Ideas - A collection of Olympic Links for teachers and students; categories include information for the 2006 games, history of the Olympics, winter Olympic sports, information on Torino, games, teacher resources, and more.
Olympic School Program
Saskatoon Public Schools OLC --Olympic links
Sharing the Dream - Educational resources from the BC Ministry of Education


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