What picture books were your favourites at the recent book display?

Adding your thoughts will help all of us as we do the difficult job of picking the best out of all that we saw!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to do this!

Please add the authors, titles and your brief comments about your top picks. Use the line tool in the middle of the tool bar at the top of this window to separate your picks from another. If someone lists a book that is on your list too, you could add a "me too" comment or some other affirmation to their post to immediately let people know that it was recommended by more than one person.

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Author Title Comment

Fleming, Denise/ Cow Who Clucked/ I met Denise Fleming so I always look at her books differently now. She puts so much work and immagination into her illustrations. She has an awesome website with all kinds of great ideas for using her books. This one will be great to read with Kindergarten. (Chris MacLennan)

Brennan, Neslon, Dense / Grady The Goose/ This book fills a hole in my collection because it is about migration. The illustrations at times look like Wascana Park. I also thought the story would be a good read-aloud for Grade 1. When the Animals in Winter theme comes around, I never have enough books. This one will do!! (Chris MacLennan)
"me too" (Shelly Galloway)

Lionni, Leo/ A Color of His Own/ This is a reprint of a classic story about a chameleon who does not like to change color and wants a color of his own. My collection did not have this book so I am purchasing it. Some titles are never too old to be in a collection. (Chris MacLennan)

Scotton, Rob / Russell and the lost treasure / This follows Russell the Sheep - love the illustrations, friends & family = treasure

Van Allsburg, Chris/ Probuditi! / older brother hypmotizes young sister.( no name )

Books by this author are used by grades 5 up at my school, for art and for writing. I will most certainly add this one to my collection. (Chris MacLennan)
I like Van Allsburg so any books by him are wonderful especially for inferencing. (Shelly Galloway)

Wiesner, David. Flotsam / Beautiful wordless book. Recently won the Caldicott Medal. Amazing book!!

Olsen, Sylvia. /Yetsa's Sweater /- This is a Willow Book and the author has used First Nations People for Authority. I really liked this story! (Chris MacLennan)

- This is the first book I have ever seen about the creation of traditional Cowichan sweaters. I sure do love my sweater and this book. (Joanne Allen)

Palantini, M. Bad Boys - Another humorous tale by the author of Moostache (Terry Pon)
Palantini, M. Oink - I love this book and this author; the story is very funny (Chris Wilkie)
Palantini, M. / I love both of these books and all the others by this author. The humour is delightful. (Chris M.)

Negron, Ray Boy of Steel A book about baseball, cancer and never stop fighting. (Chris Wilkie)

One of my favourites: Gershater, Phillis Summer is Summer A celebration of summer--lovely language (Kim)

Spinelli,Eileen. Hero Cat /a wonderful story about a cat that is a hero-love the cover and illustrations (Shelly Galloway) (Donna)
Ellis - Words (Jennifer)

Pearson,S. &O'Malley,K.-Slugs in Love- a clever and enduring love story-Starred review SLJ-Wendy Tingle
Bailey Linda, Stanley' s Wild Ride -- another wonderful book about Stanley (Shelly Galloway)
Bunting Eve, One Green Apple-- I just like her books (Shelly Galloway)
Fox.Mem Particular Cow--I met Mem and love her books great illustrations and content (Shelly Galloway)
Lasky, Kathryn Pirate Bob Love this character and pirates (Shelly Galloway)
McCutcheon,John Christmas in the Trenches If you are looking for another Christmas book this one is beautiful (Shelly Galloway)
Polacco.Patricia Something about the Hensley's love this author for older kids (Shelly Galloway)
Willems, Mo Don't Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late! These are great books for predicting Kids love them (Shelly Galloway