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World Book Online - get the password from your Teacher-Librarian or Teacher when working from home
World Book Encyclopedia
Student Discovery Encyclopedia


Enclycopedia Titanica - crew and passenger biographies, newspaper accounts

Links from - expedition diaries, news articles, virtual dives, puzzles and more*&q=titanic

Ruth Becker's Biography - Titanic survivor story from National Geographic for Kids

Titanic Lifeboats Project - information about people in the lifeboats and their station/class

Mock trial of Jensen vs. White Star Lines - a teacher's guide to a trial that students may participate in to learn about the judicial system.

National Geographic Map Machine - - images of the Titanic

Infoplease - Titanic facts - a short article

The Grave of the Titanic - article about where the Titanic sank

Titanic the Movie - great pictures from the movie - tour the ship, read about its history and the movie characters

There Once Was a Ship Named Titanic - fun limericks and poems about the ship, crew and passengers

What Really Sank the Titanic? - a personal page with information and opinion about why the Titanic sank

RMS Titanic, Inc. - a site connected with the Ontario Science Centre devoted to information about the Titanic. Some portions of the site you must be registered to view.

Titanic - This is a Thinkquest 1998 Internet Project developed by students to showcase the construction, voyage, collision and rediscovery of the RMS Titanic.

The RMS Titanic - a hotlist created by Jerrie S. Cheek, Kennashaw Elementary School, updated August, 2005.

White Star Line - information about the White Star Line including technical information about the Titanic, headlines of the disaster, the cargo manifest and more. - links to titanic related materials

Who Built the Titanic? - information about the Titanic including the architect and builder